15 mei 2008

Scraps! Neta Amir in the HuismethetHandje!

Scraps! or the wonders of living an every-day life in the Middle East.

Textural artist
Neta Amir in the HuismethetHandje

24 May - 8 June 2008

Our Hand-shake House has opened its doors to a unique artist who has made it her specific aim to use her daily environment as the main theme for her work. Neta Amir (1977) will come over from Israel to present her installation and exhibition Scraps! for the first time.

Scraps! deals with the magnitude of common life in a most fascinating way. Neta Amir creates textile objects based on elements of every-day life, combined with photographic techniques. Everything she creates radiates a great sense of originality. Her installation tells a story about the traces left behind by various people, on the same place, at various moments. Combining objects within the context of an installation adds another story to the existence of the objects once more, and invites viewers to complement this by their own personal interpretation. Her artwork is profound, yet always accessible, not in the least because she is very well capable of talking about her own work with great enthusiasm.

Scraps! opening hours: During the Art Tour of 24 and 25 May from 11.00 to 18.00 hours. Next, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 13.00 tot 18.00 hours. You can also make an appointment by phoning or mailing to HuismethetHandje. Of course, visits are free.

The artist will be present herself and is more than willing to talk about her work with visitors!

During her stay, Neta Amir will also give a number of ‘Cloth & Sock Dolls’ workshops at La Douze studios in Maastricht (information by phone, 043-3581883, e-mail, liliane@ladouze.nl, or website, http://www.ladouze.nl/)

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